See the Mind in Motion

When was the last time you thought about the health of your mind?

If you can’t remember, you’re not alone as most Australians put their cognitive health on the backburner.

The majority (85 per cent) of Aussies know that things like brain training are important, but only 16 per cent dedicate time to activities to support and maintain their mind each day, according to a survey by natural healthcare brand Flordis. What’s more, only a quarter of us feel we tap into the full potential of our thinkers at least once a day.

To remind us all how amazing our minds are and why it’s important we look after our cognitive health every single day, Flordis created a unique experience, partnering with three Australians from different generations – a university student, a mum and a retiree – to illuminate their minds in live action with the help of electroencephalography technology (EEG).

A Piece of Art Created with Just the Mind, and a Little Bit of Technology  

Wearing a specially designed EEG headset (which picks up subtle electrical signals created by activity in the brain), each participant was asked to engage their minds through different states: happy, relaxed, excited and thoughtful.

The Result

Brainwaves transformed into a personalised, colourful light display and piece of art. Think bright pinks when concentrating on an exciting upcoming holiday, dark purples and blues when the ever-growing to-do list rolls through your mind and yellows when you step back and see how beautiful your mind is – and it makes you happy.

Katie Turner, a busy mum from Sydney who took part in the experience, said: “It was surreal. Seeing your mind and the way it works, the way the patterns changed and shifted with my thoughts and emotions was absolutely amazing. It made me realise that I take my mind for granted and it gave me the kick-start I needed to change my routine to improve my cognitive health.”

Invest in Cognitive Health and Maintain Your Mind

You need to take a holistic approach to support cognitive health. Of course, there’s diet, exercise and sleep, but there’s also no better time than now to pick up that crossword, learn the language you’ve always wanted to or take up meditation to help foster your mind.

For the majority (55 per cent) of people natural medicines are also a key consideration. Just remember to do your research or chat to your pharmacist about supplements for memory and concentration. One of the most researched formulations available is an extract of Bacopa monnieri, referred to as CDRI 08 – shown in multiple clinical trials to help improve focus and concentration, memory and learning retention.  

Our minds are amazing so make the time to love your mind, today.

Check out the experience for yourself… 

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