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Health Professional Resources & Ordering

How do I gain access to Health Professional content and information?

We recommend registering for access to the health professional resource section of our website. This will give you exclusive access to our updated technical product information, education and research, patient tools, and the latest news on the Flordis range of integrative medicine. You can register or login at flordis.com.au/health-professionals


How do I order the Flordis range for my patients or dispensary?

We do not currently offer direct practitioner fulfillment or wholesale ordering through the website. If you are a practicing health professional, the Flordis range is available at leading natural health care distributors including: 

If you would like assistance or would like to be connected with your local Flordis territory manager, please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can reach us using our contact form. If you have registered as a health professional on our website, you can find the details of your local Flordis representative here.


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