About Prospan

When a chesty cough* strikes, trust Australia’s No.1 children’s cough medicine^ to bring the family back together.

Suitable for children over two, Prospan provides triple action cough relief* that helps loosen mucus*, soothe the airways and ease congestion.

Prospan for Children is all natural with a great tasting natural cherry flavour - it is alcohol free, non-drowsy, sugar free, and contains no colourings.  Available at your local pharmacy.

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*Cough due to a cold. Check with your healthcare professional if Prospan is right for your child. 
Not to be used in children under 2 without medical advice. If symptoms or coughing persist, see your healthcare professional. ^Australia’s No.1 bestselling children’s cough medicine and ivy leaf cough relief, Pharmacy, MAT unit and dollar sales, 21/02/16,  Aztec sales data.

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