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How daylight savings can impact your sleep routine

Here’s a look at how daylight savings can disrupt your body clock – with tips to help you transition smoothly.

Understanding Sleep Cycle Could Lead to Better Quality Sleep

There is no need to put up with sleepless nights. Learning how to manage your sleep cycle might help you to finally get a good night’s sleep.

Navigating the world of natural medicines – how to choose a reliable product

Up to 24 percent of Australian adults with a chronic health condition regularly use complementary medicines so it’s important to make sure you find one that’s right for you.

Hot flushes - menopause, or something else?

Hot flushes are an unfortunate symptom of menopause, but they can have other causes. Here’s the lowdown.

Benefits of Exercising and Eating Well in the Winter

Don’t let the drop in temperature, winds and rain this winter prevent you from keeping physically active and eating a healthy diet all year round.

Student Tips on Improving Memory, Focus & Learning Process

If you’re a student, you can help the learning process and improve your memory by using focus and attention techniques.

Understanding the seed to patient journey

At Flordis, we believe it’s the science behind growing, harvesting and processing that delivers the true health benefits of natural medicine.

The importance of herbal extracts

Not all natural medicines are created equal – that’s why Flordis believes it’s important to consider the specific herbal extract, not just herb names, when choosing a natural medicine.

From industry sceptic to industry champion

An interview with Soho Flordis International CEO Nigel Pollard

Supporting your child’s health as winter approaches

We consider how you can support your child’s health in the cooler months - particularly when they’re surrounded by other sick children at school, preschool and daycare.

Simple steps to aid in avoiding colds this autumn

Are you dreading the thought of another cold this autumn? These scientifically backed tips can help to support your immune system in the lead-up to winter.