Participants within the video celebrate the wonder of the mind using EEG technology. There were no cognitive enhancers used during the filming.

“My goodness!
My brain is doing that?”

Margaret, retired school teacher.

We partnered with three Australians from different generations – a university student, a mum and a retiree – to see their minds in live action with the help of electroencephalography technology (EEG). We wanted them to see their mind from a different perspective.

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Do you realise how amazing and unique your mind is?

We are encouraging Australians to actively foster their cognitive health and to ‘love their minds’ following research which revealed that less than a quarter of people feel they are tapping into their mind's potential.^

Many Australians said they struggle with a lack of focus, finding it hard to concentrate and think clearly, and have problems with learning and remembering information.

It’s time we start to highlight the importance of cognitive health at all ages.

Looking to sharpen your mind?

Are you worried you're forgetting things more often? Do you find it hard to focus and filter out distractions?

Researched for over 40 years*, KeenMind helps to improve:

  • Memory – helping you to process, store and recall information more easily

  • Concentration – assisting you to stay focussed and think clearly

  • Learning retention – helping you to remember what you have learned


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The extract CDRI 08 was initially researched in 1974 and is still the subject of ongoing clinical research.   

^Cognitive Health Omnibus Survey; 1,500 Australians from a nationally representative sample completed the omnibus survey between Tuesday 25 April to Friday 28 April 2017.

1. Stough et al. Psychopharmacology (Berl.). 2001, 156(4):481-484.  2. Stough et al.Phytotherapy Res. 2008 122(12):1629-1634.  3. Benson S et al. Phytotherapy Research 2014; 28(4):551-555. 4. Benson et al.  Phytotherapy Research 2013; 28(4): 551-559.

Some of this research was conducted using funding provided by Keenmind Pty Ltd.