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Panax ginseng (Panax ginseng G115®)

Nature's energiser

Panax ginseng is used in Ginsana to support energy levels and physical endurance

Panax ginseng is a highly valued plant traditionally used in Chinese medicine as a tonic and restorative, and more recently has been researched as an extract to support energy levels and physical endurance.3

In Ginsana®, a specific standardised extract from the roots of Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer, called G115® is used. Ginsana with G115 has been researched for over 35 years to support energy and endurance.3

Discover more about the specific extract G115 used in Ginsana and the key studies that demonstrate its possible benefits.

Panax ginseng in history

Panax ginseng is a perennial shrub, native to north-eastern China, Korea and Russia.2 It was traditionally used as a tonic to support the body in times of increased demand and to promote good health and vitality.

You may have heard of ‘ginseng’ before, but it’s important to know that not all ginseng is the same. Ginseng comprises a genus called ‘Panax. Several species of ginseng exist within this, e.g. Panax ginseng CA Meyer, Panax notoginseng and so on. All are ginseng but Panax ginseng CA Meyer in particular is the one with a considerable clinical research base demonstrating its medical use.3 

Panax ginseng was first recorded in Chinese medicine over 2000 years ago, and has reportedly been the subject of thousands of published books and scientific papers before the year 2000.2,3,17

The herb’s name comes from Panax meaning ‘cure all’ in Greek and ginseng from the Chinese (Mandarin) rén shn meaning ‘person ginseng’ because of the human like shape of the plant’s root.

Panax ginseng in history

The specific extract used by Flordis: G115

G115 is the specific extract of Panax ginseng used by Flordis in Ginsana. Its first mention in scientific literature goes back to 1960, and it has over 35+ years of research supporting its use.1-3

Extract G115 is produced from the roots of Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer. This is where many of the known active constituents lie, including the important group of active components called ‘ginsenosides’. G115 contains a consistent and standardised amount of ginsenosides - 4% to be exact.

It takes up to five years, and involves multiple steps for a Panax ginseng root to become the G115 extract used in Ginsana. This careful and controlled production process helps ensure that each batch consistently has an optimal concentration of active therapeutic components. This makes it possible to investigate the efficacy of G115 in clinical studies and scientific research.

The beneficial effect of G115 is based on numerous clinical trials. Results from the research and clinical studies suggest that G115 can be used to help:

  • Support physical and mental endurance and performance4,8,9,11-12
  • Enhance physical capacities in the case of low energy levels 8-11,19
  • Improve energy levels during times of increased demand3,4,18
  • Shorten recovery time after periods of physical demand8-10
  • Maintain general well-being10
The specific extract used by Flordis: G115

Research on how G115 may work

G115 is considered to be an 'adaptogen’ in herbal medicine. In times of stress, and increased demand, adaptogens help to increase the capability of the body to overcome adverse external and internal influences.

G115 may help to:

  • Increase endurance – By helping to influence energy utilisation in the muscles 3,18
  • Energise and invigorate the body – By helping to increase oxygen and support energy metabolism11,19,21
  • Support mental and physical capacity – By acting on the central nervous system – to reduce stress, physical and mental tension4,18
  • Actively support the body during times of increased demand to help shorten recovery times from stress6,8

The exact mode of action of G115 is not fully understood, however preclinical studies suggest that G115 can help raise the general level of cellular activity and that it may be able to increase Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), the molecule that provides energy to cells in the body.22

Research on how G115 may work

G115 in Ginsana: Clinical trials

Over 15 clinical studies, and over 1000 participants, have been conducted using  G115 over the last 35 years.3 The table below highlights some key clinical studies conducted on G115 in the areas of energy and endurance support. These studies have been summarised in a review of G115 published in 2005.3

Rosenfeld et al., 1989 4

50 patients with energy concerns
studied over 56 days

Significant improvement

  • Concentration plus a range of factors including tiredness
Gianoli et al., 19845

83 patients with low energy
studied over 4 months


vs. placebo for self reported measures :

  • Performance
  • Wellbeing
  • Appetite
Dorling et al., 19806

60 healthy adults
studied over 12 weeks


  • Subjective physical condition
  • Physical fitness
  • Recovery from increased physical demand
Forgo 19818

120 healthy adults
studied over 12 weeks


vs. placebo for:

  • Physical and lung function
  • Reaction times
Forgo 19839

30 top sportsmen
studied over weeks


vs. placebo for:

  • Overall performance
  • Oxygen absorption (aerobic activity)
van Schepdael 199312

43 triathlon athletes
studied over 10 weeks

prevent loss of

  • Physical performance

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist talk to your health professional.

Flordis Difference


Naturally sourced active ingredients can vary considerably depending on how they are produced. Ginsana is produced according to our 'Source to Patient' philosophy which aims to deliver a high quality and consistent extract, from batch to batch so that you can be confident that it can deliver the health benefits demonstrated in the clinical research.

This helps ensure that the medicine you are getting contains the exact ingredient, in the exact same amounts demonstrated in the clinical research. That's the Flordis difference.

Ginsana with Panax ginseng G115: A Summary

>35 years of research

Numerous preclinical and clinical studies investigating the beneficial effect Panax ginseng1,3

>15 Clinical trials

Support the role of G115 in enhancing energy and endurance levels3

Consistent quality

Through our rigorous processes, quality controls and extensive testing we help ensure that the G115 extract is the same as the medicine tested in clinical trials to help support energy, physical endurance, and performance 3

Used worldwide

To help support energy, endurance, and performance

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Our source to patient philosophy

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Not only do the clinical studies on our products demonstrate real health outcomes, they demonstrate the results you can expect from the same products you see on shelf. It’s all part of our Source to Patient philosophy.

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