Clinically Proven Natural Medicines

Our Story

In 2000, Flordis was launched by a couple of entrepreneurs who believe Australians should also enjoy the health benefits of clinically proven natural medicines, many of which are already recommended and used by millions worldwide.

Flordis is dedicated to bringing a portfolio of high quality, clinically proven natural medicines to Australia from around the world.

Flordis is part of a growing international organisation Soho Flordis International (SFI) that is leading the way in applying world-class standards to the development of evidence-based natural medicines. SFI is headquartered in Sydney, Australia and has regional offices in Bioggio, Switzerland (Ginsana), in Wigan, UK (Potter’s Herbals) and in Reno, USA (ProThera).

The Flordis Difference

Applying pharmaceutical grade process to natural medicines, Flordis adheres to a strict ‘quality first’ approach to ingredient sourcing and manufacturing processes to help to ensure our products are best-in-class and supported by clinical evidence.

The medicine that is tested in clinical trials is the same medicine that you receive in a Flordis product. This consistency means that you can be more confident that you may enjoy the same health benefits identified in clinical research. This is one of the reasons why Flordis products are recommended to millions worldwide.

By applying this high standard Flordis delivers a specialised portfolio of world class natural healthcare products that are well tolerated and effective. 

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Flordis applies pharmaceutical grade processes to the development of natural medicines. This commitment to rigorous processes and to sourcing the highest quality ingredients results in a portfolio of premium natural medicines.

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Flordis medicines have been the subject of clinical research so they may deliver the desired health benefits. Importantly, the medicine you find in Flordis products is the specific medicine that has been used in clinical trials, which is one of the reasons you can feel confident about its effectiveness.

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Flordis follows strict processes to control each stage of production. This carefully considered approach allows for batch to batch consistency, which means that the specific medicine tested in clinical trials is the same medicine used in Flordis products. The result is more reliable health outcomes.

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Flordis natural medicines are a direct result of the passion, experience and commitment to bring premium natural medicines from around the world to Australia. Driven by evidence and applying a quality-first approach to the development of our medicines, Australians enjoy the health benefits that millions have experienced worldwide.

What is the Flordis difference?

Natural medicines can vary considerably depending on how they are produced. Flordis believes it’s the science behind growing, harvesting and processing that delivers the true health benefits of natural medicine.

That’s why in the making of a Flordis medicine, careful attention is applied to plant species and growing methods through to cultivation and harvest, using precise processes to help produce consistent crops. This is continued with extracting and manufacturing of specific ingredients following a series of strict controls to help deliver a consistent medicine from one batch to the next.

Are All Ingredients The Same?

There can be great variation in natural medicines and a lot of that has to do with the consistency of the ingredient used in the finished product. In short, all ingredients are not created equal. And because there are several products on the market labelled as containing a particular ingredient, it can be difficult to understand that these products can differ.

Although this concept may surprise you, it’s something you probably encounter quite frequently, even on a daily basis. 

Do you drink coffee?  Are all cups created equal?  Does it matter where the coffee beans were grown, when it was grinded, and how it was brewed? 

How about wine?  Does it matter what kind of grape you use, where it’s grown, how it’s cultivated, processed, and stored?  Or course it does. It’s those specific methods that separate the fine wines from the cask wines.

The same scrutiny many of us put into life’s everyday pleasures should be applied when choosing a natural medicine, particularly since we are talking about our health.

So what to do?  When choosing a natural medicine, choose one that is backed by clinical research. If you aren’t sure, ask your pharmacist or healthcare provider for further guidance.